Enjoying Truffles with Czech Escorts


Truffles are sought after by chefs around the world, especially those in Europe. This is because they can be added to a dish in a manner which ranges from the most basic to the highly complex. Fresh truffles are the most prized, and are usually reserved for specific occasions, such as a date with Czech escorts. Below is a description of truffles and why they are so coveted and costly.

What Exactly Are Truffles?

Truffles are a type in fungi, part of the same family as mushrooms. However, they have greater complexity. Truffles develop underground, and are closely associated with tree roots, especially those of hazel, beech and oak trees. Truffles are challenging to grow and tough to harvest. This is one of the reasons why they are so expensive. Those who farm them will use specially trained dogs to detect truffles that are buried near trees. Truffles are also popular due to their flavor and aroma. The taste is distinct, with many describing them as being earthy and akin to mushrooms, but stronger.

Where are Truffles Grown?

There are only a handful of places in the world with climates and soils suitable to the harvesting of truffles. The three countries which grow them the most are France, Italy and the United States. French truffles are arguably the most famous, especially the Perigord black truffle. It is harvested in France’s Dordogne region and has a season which lasts from December until March.

In Italy truffles have been grown for centuries. In particular, the northern area of Piedmont is famous for their white truffles, which are referred to by the locals as tartufo bianco. These truffles are considered the world’s rarest, and as such will sell for a few thousand euros a pound. Every year the town of Alba has the White Truffle Fair, which starts during autumn.

Compared to Italy and France, the U.S. is a newcomer when it comes to growing truffles. The best area for growing and harvesting them is around Dixieland, a southern region which stretches from Tennessee to Virginia. Farms have also been established in Oregon and California, with the goal being to make truffles more accessible all throughout the year. The U.S., like Italy, has festivals dedicated to the fungi, most notably the Napa Truffle Festival and the Truffle Festival in Oregon.

How to Acquire and Cook Truffles

Truffles are not the type of food that you’ll casually come across in your local supermarket. As with all fresh produce, the moment they are removed from the ground their freshness will subside, so when purchased it is important to use them quickly. When it comes to cooking, they are often added as a final touch once the main dish is completed. They work well with oil, butter and cream but should never be combined with anything acidic such as vinegar or citrus. The best approach when cooking with truffles it to keep things simple. They are excellent when combined with potatoes, risotto, pizza and cheese.