Enjoying a Skiing Vacation in Prague with a Hot Escort
Most countries in Central Europe have very attractive ski destinations and Czech Republic is no exception. If you love skiing and you’re planning to go out with a hot female escort travel Prague guide, ask her to be with you for a weekend for some fun in the snow. Many Prague travel escort are more than willing to be with their patrons as they will also have fun along the way while taking really good care of their patrons.
Ski Resorts Near Krkonoše
One of the best places in Prague to enjoy a good weekend skiing are ski resorts near Krkonoše which is one of the tallest peaks in Czech Republic. Krkonoše is actually a mountain range so it covers a very wide area that overlaps to the Polish border. Although you will not end up in the Polish border while skiing, you can have some fun with your hot escort as you will have an impressive ski range.

Krkonoše is also known for their century old structures. The area around the mountain range remarkably preserves some of the structures and some of them are now resorts for couples to enjoy.
The Challenging Praded
Located in the northeast region of Czech Republic is Praded. It is the country’s tallest mountain and one of the most popular tourist destinations for skiing. Tourists often converge on Altvaterturm which is a replica of a watchtower built during the early 20th century. The new structure was built in 2004 to cater to the increasing demand of tourists for a good place to stay while enjoying skiing. There’s a restaurant for tourists to enjoy wide variety of international cuisine. Praded is also the home of some of the rare plants in Europe although tourists can’t gain access to these sites because of protection.
The Advantage of Ski Trips in Czech Republic

Czech Republic is rarely on the top list of skiing destinations for many experienced skiers. However, most tourists who visit one of the many ski resorts in Czech Republic immediately like the place because it’s rarely crowded and they always get personalized attention from the host.

In this setting, you and your hot companion will enjoy skiing without too much fuss. Aside from Praded and Krkonoše, there are other ski destinations that you can consider visiting with your companion. But what’s even more important is that you are staying in a place where you can enjoy the privacy and romantic setting to be with your beautiful escort.