Festivals to Enjoy During Prague Escorted Vacations
A great way to enjoy Prague with a beautiful escort is to visit festivals. Yes, you might not be intimate in those festivals but it’s a way for you and your companion to loosen up a bit and start having fun. One of the best reasons why there’s so many tourist in Prague anytime of the year is their festival. Every month, there’s always something happening in this city. You just have to know where to look but some festivals are celebrated in the entire Czech Republic so you can have a party with your companion everywhere.

January to March
The festivals in these months are the testament of the country’s religiosity. The biggest festival in January is the feast of Three Kings. Although there’s not much festivities, this is the best way to feel the Christmas spirit as people give out gifts to the needy. The Prague Winter Festival is also celebrated in January and highly recommended for opera lovers. Prague and the rest of the country celebrate “Masopust” which is basically their interpretation of Mardi Gras of “Fat Tuesday”. Think of New Orleans and Brazil carnival only in Czech. March is “FebioFest” which is a film festival featuring popular movies from well known directors around the world.
April to June
Every April 30, Prague has a small but very interesting festival called Witches Night. Go to Petrin Hill and see bonfires believed to prevent evil things from Prague. There are a good number of festivals every May because it’s the start of the spring. Labor Day is particularly famous because it marks the start of the season. Look out for film and art festivals in Prague. June marks the start of Czech Folklore Festival which is the perfect month for anyone who wants to hear interesting stories, music and traditions of the country.
July to September
July is best known for Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. It’s well known in Europe so you’ll most likely see celebrities in this festival. August has three music festivals – an open air, organ and opera. September marks the start of autumn and wine harvest. The last days of September should not be missed by tourists as wine tasting and celebrations because of the harvest are everywhere. You’ll be able to taste various types of wine and even learn how to spot the difference on their tastes.
October to December
Czech is well known for their deep appreciation for Jazz and the two-week festival for this music every October is a testament of their knowledge of this music genre. November is focused on theaters as German and Austrian theater actors visit Prague for festival of plays presented on German language. December is when tourists really pack Prague because the city is well known for their celebrations that start from Christmas to New Year. These are the perfect days to party with your companion. The season doesn’t really matter if you’re just looking to have some fun with an adult companion. There is always something happening in Prague that will make your stay more enjoyable.