How to Discover and Stimulate the Pleasure Zones of Beautiful Czech Girls

Beautiful Czech girls adore a man who can give them pleasure, who is able to discover and stimulate their erogenous zones. The term “erogenous” is derived from the Greek word “Eros,” which refers to love. The erogenous zone is a part of the human body which has increased sensitivity, and when touched will elicit sexual arousal.

The most obvious erogenous zones are the genitals, the penis, vagina and breasts, but there are many others, and a skilled lover knows how to find and stimulate them. You see, aside from the genitals, the erogenous zones of one man or woman may differ from those of the other.

The Lips and Neck

Kissing the lips and neck triggers both neurotransmitters and hormones which flow within the brain and body. When a man and woman kiss, their bodies will interpret multiple signals which result from the distribution of billions of miniature nerve connections. It has been found that some Czech girls are capable of having an orgasm purely from extended kissing on the lips or neck, without touching their genitals.  While this may seem odd, the lips and neck are one of the body’s most sensitive erogenous regions, as they transmit a tremendous amount of info to the brain which makes it and the body feels good.

The Feet

The feet are one of the body’s most sensitive areas, and when properly stimulated can bring about great pleasure. Specifically, the inner and outer portion of the ankles has multiple nerve endings, which are connected to other erogenous zones such as the uterus, vagina, penis and even prostate. The upper and middle portion of the feet soles are connected with the chest, and when caressed can produce waves of pleasure which extend to the nipples and breasts.

How to Discover Erogenous Zones

A skilled escort (or her client) can discover the erogenous zones of their partner through experimentation, a process referred to as body mapping. To do it, they would softly caress every part of the body and watch the reaction of their partner to determine which areas bring about the most pleasurable response. Many people have erogenous zones that they aren’t even aware of, and only through exploration can they be discovered. Another technique, called Sensate Focus, involves one partner sitting with his or her back to their partner’s chest while the partner’s legs are wrapped around them. The partner sitting behind uses their hands to explore the body of the other, and then switch positions. Sensate Focus is best performed while sitting in front of a mirror.