The Best Lubrication for Anal Sex with Hot Czech Women

Anal sex for many hot Czech women can be a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be. A lot of women are wary of this particular sex act because they think it will hurt, but pain is a sign that either insufficient or low quality lubrication is being used. Below are some things you should know about anal play and which lubes are the absolute best on the market.

How Anal Sex Differs From Vaginal Sex

Studies indicate that at least fifty percent of couples attempt anal sex at least once and those who enjoy it regularly incorporate it into their sex life. However, the anus is different from the vagina. You don’t want to go all in immediately, especially if it’s her first time; it is best to start with fingers, and then expand from there. Anal tissues, unlike those of the vagina, need additional help, as they do not self-lubricate. Furthermore, vaginal lubrication tends to be thinner when compared to anal lube, so should not be used as an alternative.

The Top Lubes for Anal Play

For anal fingering, coconut oil is outstanding. You want to be sure the brand you use is extra virgin, unrefined and non-cold pressed. However, it being oil means that it can destroy latex condoms, so it should be avoided if couples plan on having anal sex with a condom. The next type of lube which is excellent for anal sex is that which is water or gel based. In particular, this type of lubrication is excellent when you want to stimulate a woman’s anus and rectum using a sex toy or butt plug.

One of the most popular brands on the market today is Sliquid Sassy. This is a gel which is water based and high viscosity. It is comprised of organic ingredients and is free of glycerin. Plant cellulose has been added to thicken it, which makes it ideal for anal penetration. It is one of the top brands when performing anal sex without a condom as it is safe for both the woman’s rectum and her partner’s penis.

Other highly regarded lubricants for anal sex include Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone and Dimethiconol. This is because these substances have a thick consistency and are thicker than lubes which are water based. Lubricants which should be avoided include flavored lubes, numbing creams and anything which is designed to desensitize the anus. The purpose of anal sex is to create pleasure and numbing the anus and rectum will not accomplish this. Both the woman and her male partner should want to feel everything.