The Top Golf Courses to Visit with Czech Republic Escorts


Golf is an important activity both for Czechs and foreign visitors meeting Czech Republic escorts. The game is taken seriously here, so much so that a number of premium golf courses have been developed which are situated within resorts and which provide some of the most spectacular views one can experience while in the country. Below are our top three picks.

Golf & Ski Resort Ostravice

Situated within a mountain valley, the Golf & Ski Resort Ostravice is an outstanding destination for both recreation and sports. It is one of the Czech Republic’s most exclusive holiday resorts, with spectacular view of the nearby Beskydy Mountains. The golf course here is designated a 72 master, with a style that is parkland. Designed and developed by Chris Johnson, a respected engineer, the facility was carefully created and tested, with only the highest quality materials being used for irrigation. Aside from the spacious greenery, golfers staying here will also be treated to more than three hectares worth of water features, along with five different tree types. Aside from golf, this facility also offers skiing, a wellness center and conference room.

Royal Golf Club Marianske Lanzne

Constructed in 1905, this is one of the Czech Republic’s oldest and most prestigious golf resorts, having been ceremonially unveiled by England’s King Edward VII, who was also the founding member. Gaining membership here is challenging, but once one succeeds they will be treated to a Scottish/Irish style course that consists of 18 holes which is situated near the foot of the stunning Slavkov Forest, which is about 787 m higher than sea level and which has land which is mostly flat.

The Royal Golf Club Marianske Lanzne has hosted a number of important events over the years, including the European Amateur Championship. The course here is best described as being compact, with an area that is well defined from which no more than two holes can deviate. Compared to recently designed courses, its greens are smaller; however, it has significant protection from bunkers. Due to the flat nature of the course, many newcomers assume it’s easy, but in reality, Marianske Lanzne has numerous pitfalls which require skilled and technical golfers. The surrounding coniferous forest makes this course wonderful during the summer.

Golf Resort Karlovy Vary

This course was founded in 1904 and is notable for being the Czech Republic’s very first. It is constructed near the Tepia River and was conceived of by C. Noskowski, a respected architect. This is a master course which consists of woods and meadows. The terrain here is also hilly, which means that although it is very attractive visually it can be demanding on golfers, even those who are experienced.  As you can imagine, this course is well maintained and due to its age and prestige has been the site of numerous major international tournaments. Aside from the course itself, there is a nearby resort where members can enjoy a spa and gourmet meals.